President´s Message

For those born in the 20th century and who want to be successful people, acquiring digital skills is one of the greatest challenges in the 21st century. We call this generation the “digital migrants”.

But the fact of being born in the 21st century, the so-called “iGeneration” or “Millennials”, does not automatically mean having digital skills. It is also necessary to acquire these skills to successfully perform in any professional area to which they will dedicate themselves., a non-profit association, is prepared to help those who want to follow the path towards personal and professional success and fulfilment.

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António dos Reis



Promoting collaboration and interaction between Regional and National Development Organisations and encouraging partnership that makes each region increasingly competitive with the aim of reaching a development level that consolidates and places them among the most developed in Europe, through a coordinated and continuous cooperation in the top areas, products and services quality, entrepreneurship, globalisation, information, training and education.


Being a private, non-profit, social solidarity and public interest institution and service provider, its main goal is a high and distinct quality, intending to establish itself as an association of excellence in supporting people, private, public and national institutions, the business community, its interconnection and interaction, thus contributing to the country´s socioeconomic development, with the aim of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the areas of education, sport, digital technology, sciences, social development, environment and culture.


  • Promoting digital skills
  • Search for efficiency through collaboration
  • Ethics and equal opportunities
  • Quality service
  • Credibility
  • Social stability
  • Innovation


AI9.PT will represent its members and ensure their representation in all organizations, private and public, which, by law or invitation, is attributed to it.
By connecting and uniting the communities, AI9.PT will promote the employability and entrepreneurship innovation to support social and digital inclusion, youth, active aging and gender equality.

9 Main Goals

  • Supporting Innovation
  • Stimulating Development
  • Promoting Competitiveness
  • Streamlining Associations
  • Facilitating Inclusion
  • Increasing Entrepreneurship
  • Ensuring Citizenship
  • Promoting gender equality
  • Developing Training and Education