Webinar: EaD – Teaching platforms, differences and potential

Webinar EaD – Teaching platforms, differences and potential marks the beginning of the course – FROM FACE-TO-FACE TO DISTANCE LEARNING promoted by AI9.PT takes place on July 23 at 18hoo via Zoom, with free participation, but mandatory registration. Registrations are limited to 1000 participants.


The platforms to be discussed are the following: Moodle, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom.

Moving from face-to-face to distance learning is a huge challenge that, if not well presented, not only undermines the quality of teaching but also the credibility of teachers.

It is essential to address the issue, so we invite experts in the field in order to clarify but above all to debate and discuss.

July 23, 2020
6 p. m.
Free participation but mandatory registration