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Conference: 500 years around the world, on the way to the digital society

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Date: 20th September 2019

Organiser: AI9.PT

Time: 17h00 – 20h00

Place: Monument to the Discoveries, Lisbon – Portugal




Analysing the factors that led to the first travel around the world, its challenges and consequences that would influence and enrich our culture in the 21st century.


Characterising the digital society evolution progress in our society and discussing an international research project expert conclusion about recommended and indispensable skills for personal and professional success in the digital society, which is certainly an interesting challenge for everyone.


17h00 – AI9.PT Presentation

António Canhão

17h15 – Keynote Opening

António dos Reis

The reasons that led to organise the travel, which happened to be the first around the world, procedures and conclusion by Sebastian Delcano.

18h10 – Coffee Break

18h30 – Round Table | Digital Revolution


Digital Society, its importance, evolution and first steps.


António dos Reis (Prof. Dr.) – Conference Chairman, University Professor and AI9.pt Association President

António Canhão (Prof.) – Professor and Ai9.pt Association Treasurer

João Duque (Prof. Dr.) – Ex. President at High School of Economics and Management, University of Lisbon

Luís Alves Costa (Prof. Dr.) – CEO/ SDG – Management Sim. SA – AAISEG President

Rui Ribeiro (Eng.) – FCT / FCCN Director

Sixto Cubo (Prof. Dr.) –The Doctoral Programme in Education Director at University of Extremadura

19h30 – Action Plan presentation

Tiago Oliveira – Ai9.pt Association Vice-President

19h40 – Visit to Monument to the Discoveries

Free registration, maximum 80 participants.


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